Expat area


ICF : a businessclub.

ICF is a gathering place for people with a high ranking place

  • within the business community
  • within the academic and scientific community
  • within the cultural world
  • within politics

Region of and around Gent,  Flanders and surroundings

Members of ICF stimulate each other’s interests in an inspiring and relaxing environment with the intention to create value for each other.

Historical background

The International Club of Flanders (ICF) was established in 1967 by a Ghent industrialist, Ir. Clément Morraye, as a meeting point for local entrepreneurs with the “expatriates” who boosted the Golden Sixties in our canalzone : Luxemburg citizens from Sidmar, coworkers from Swedish Volvo, Americans and British from Texaco, the Japanese people from Honda.

Management wise the “Golden 60s” were actually “Black Years” because our country was badly hit in 1960 by the loss of its two main sources of income: those of its colony and its main energy source, coal. Our region was also hit by the exodus of the Textile Industry. The employment that was generated by these investors was a blessing for skilled and non-skilled workers of the region.

These foreign entrepreneurs found in the historic center of Ghent and specifically in the Saint-Pieters abbey, a privileged site where they formed a forum to familiarize themselves with homegrown managers. With them they organized contacts on crucial issues such as human resources, logistics, financial services and many regulations imposed by official bodies.

Hence the startup of the  “Club of Flanders”: a meeting place for contacts, a meeting place on a human scale.

With over four hundred members each holding leadership positions in companies, associations and institutions, the ICF strives to get from and give to its members : progress and creativity, which form the basis for today’s prosperity and the prosperity of tomorrow.

Monthly ICF organizes a “Fellowship Evening” dinner with eminent guest speaker acting on a current topic. The historical character of our clubhouse affects pleasantly these events and creates an atmosphere of trust and sympathy. Like the Caucusclub in the United Nations, the ICF is a network of employers, leading officials where members – and their partners – can exchange “off the record” information which will help advance the business world in our region.

Being a member of the International Club of Flanders opens access for you to a myriad of services and facilities.


The restaurant of the International Club of Flanders offers a range of lunch and dinner options , thanks to the relentless efforts of our caterer “Chez Vous Catering”. Frédéric Deplus and his team ensure daily optimum service in a private environment .

Together with colleagues a brief lunch at noon, or an extensive dinner in the evening ? Your club is always at your service.

Salon/club space

The Salon of the International Club of Flanders has free access for members.  Private gatherings or meetings, with or without catering, can take place in the unique space of the Club.


Hall for festivities

As a member of the International Club of Flanders you can use FOC the facilities of the club for your parties, concerts, shows, etc.

Reservation in advance is necessary!



Partly thanks to the collaboration with St. Pieters abbey, the International Club of Flanders offer its members the famous “Crypt” for use. The use of this enchanting room is not free.

More information via the office or secretariat.



In summer, the best place to soak up some sun and nice lunches. The terrace in the courtyard of St Peter’s is part of the restaurant and is available at all times for you and your guests.


Meeting Space

Above the actual Club International, the Club of Flanders has a free (!) Meeting room available, located next to the secretariat.

The modern Vitra furniture, free Wi-Fi and audiovisual facilities are an attractive space for max. 10 persons to meet. Reservation is a must!


The Secretariat/office  is there for the members.

Subscribe to activities, questions about billing, information about your membership or information about other clubs at home and abroad are only a few things for which you can contact Melinda and Caroline for.

The secretariat is open Monday through Friday from 9 am to 17 pm, except on Wednesday afternoon.

World Trade Centers Association

WTCA membership

The International Club of Flanders has for many years been a member of the World Trade Centers Association.

If you are on business abroad and need or are looking for a particular service (meeting rooms, hotels, networking …), you can contact the WTCA. Located in more than 90 countries worldwide, with more than 15,000 members, the membership of the WTCA an additional facility that can be definitely appreciated.

If you are traveling abroad, please make sure to contact your secretariat!


Affiliated clubs

International Club of Flanders is affiliated with a diverse range of clubs home and abroad.   Hotel accommodation, lunch or dinner meetings, networking moments or just a meeting room : all can be arranged by one telephone call through the office of ICF.

Parking spaces

International Club of Flanders has its location on the Sint-Pietersplein with its toll parking lot (P10, 24/24 open, 700 spaces)

Your own personal Network

Last but not least, the club adds value to your network. The ICF is a club for members, but also by members and to bring people together is our main feature . Your presence as a member on the activities and the use of the facilities by you or your company or organization  helps in bringing time and time again a new boost to the Club.